So, how did the last semester went for you?

This semester has been both surprising and familiar for me. The works that I made have there origin in a concept I have (unknowingly) been working with for the last two years: heaviness.

I started this semester with making a "heavy head". This work had negative connections in it but after talking to the teachers I realized that heaviness in material is actually something positive for me, I think it has to do with the fact that I want my work to be grounded and close to the earth. After realizing this I started to make heavy objects (spheres), this time as a conscious chose and heaviness was almost my only criteria. After realizing that mass and volume are two different things I was able to enlarge the spheres that I was making.

You can't tell if a object is heavy by looking at it, you have to touch, hold it or there has to be a other object influenced by the heaviness of the first object. The last one was the way I wanted to go on. In searching for these other objects the surprises came, color ,and clothing occurred but the most important one: lightness.

Now I have all the ingredients to make a all-round presentation and for the first time ever I can play with setting up my work, move everything around and make little conversations between the objects. The building up part will be as important as the making of the objects, only when placed correctly the work can speak for itself.